What are we good at?

The art of software architecure design

There are a lot of solutions for a problem, but usually only a few or one of them can be named optimal. Our software architect experts design your architecture with unified modelling tools. A well detailed architecture design is a base of all successful systems. This is where real conversation can start, because we have the same understanding of the plan

The art of microservice transformation

Monolith to microservice is a challenging, expensive and painful journey with thousands of pitfalls. The later you start the harder it will be. We can help you applying Domain Driven Design, breaking down your monolith into a real microservice architecture

The art of automatism and reusability

Repetitive manual tasks are good for learning and practicing, but in software development it is the point where your company leaks some money. CI/CD, automatised tests, robotics, implementation of reusable components are the keys of success. We can help you identify and replace manual repetition with automatism

The art of modern software development

We use cutting edge technologies in implementation following SOLID principles and clean code. Today we live from the lessons learned yesterday and tomorrow we will live from what we learn today. Our credo: One article for every tea and one book in every month

The art of software testing

We believe in Test Driven Development and we have high standards in test quality. Most of the times software developers implement tests as a hated must, in contrast of this we belive a well designed test suite is the base of successful maintenance and confidence

The art of operation

The adequate operating of a modern, scalable, highly reliable application is as important as a good design or an exigent implementation. Either you choose on-premise or cloud based solutions never forget that no matter how good your solutions are if they are unreachable

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